scheda tecnica generale


Another department started in 2008 , named kaarbo, dedicated to products accessories in carbon fiber by using compression moulding technology. Using hydraulic presses that guarantee a precise and controlled pressure, carbon fabrics already impregnated with epoxy resin (pre-preg) are inserted in the mould, then at the suitable temperature during the closing of the mould, the sheets take the shape of the desired piece. This technology ensures the maximum precision, aesthetic quality and meeting structural / technical needs. This technology is used mainly for the sports industry. Being aware that the carbon impregnated fabric with epoxy resins was conceived for purely structural use, we have found WAYS to make the product sewable, without compromising its structure. The transparent top finish, with glossy or matte finish, highlights the texture of carbon, giving a technical appeal. KAARBOFLEX, the FULL 100% CARBON fabric has been created for different applications such as belts, leather goods, clothing, automotive-, marine applications etc. It’s ideal for the realization of LUXURY products, where the value of the carbon fibers make them exclusive. Please visit for further information.