Fasten Italia Srl, since 1992. During the first five years, core business of the Company was the production of state of the art zippers for high-end sports apparel and footwear, as supplier for this niche segment in the Veneto, Italy. Based on this knowledge, Fasten Zipper invested in knowhow and innovation, resulting in various patents as a platform to introduce since 2001 innovative products in the market, leading to significant growth in the sports apparel segment. HQ /production facility is based in Vedelago in the Veneto region, since 2001, which covers an area of over 11,000 square meters, to increase production capacity and its efficiency. The structure, completely surrounded by nature, fitting our filosophy of quality of labour and respect to our environment.


We produce products based on customers’ specific needs, using our professional approach, combined with our cutting edge technologies. We consider ourselves as state of the art qualified manufacturer in this specific sector, both in Italian, European as well as overseas markets. About the production process, the -just in time- model is preferred/our philosophy, allowing advantages in terms of efficiency during production. Fasten Italia offers a complete range of spiral, metal and moulded thermoplastic zippers, being able to satisfy every need, creating functional, customized, creative and trendy products.


Our mission at Fasten Italia is to give full attention to our clients, having their specific needs, to help to improve the clients’ competitiveness and success in their market. This support by using our professionalism and resulting in high quality products, using advanced technologies to guarantee production efficiency and control on all levels during the production process. Fasten Italia respects all regulations in the process of manufacturing in compliance with the latest EU regulations in relation to respect to the environment and quality of life. Implementing Öko-Tex. Thus certification, we supply all our products with a guaranteed certified quality.


Blue-sky thinking combined with technical experience at Fasten Italia has allowed us to distinguish ourselves, not only for the recognized quality and professionalism in the production of closure systems but also for the registration of patents that have contributed in an innovative way to produce specific components for sports and safety footwear as well as in the composite materials sector.

FREELACE quick release for safety footware
n ° Patent 1325689 002 PD 2002 A 1

NOSS anti-skidding system for composite materials n ° Patent PD 2012 A 000171

FREETAPE thermoplastic bodkin injected on tape n ° Patent 1345368 010 PD 2003 A 4

ZIPPMESH breathable printed zipper
n ° Patent PD 2015 U 000026

SEWING HOOK over-injected metal hook for footwear
n ° Patent 1334448 006 PD 2001 U 56